Welcome to soft start

We are Power Drive Services, the electric motor control specialists.

Soft starts are used as alternatives to direct-on-line starters to gradually apply current to your motor, preventing shock loading and extending the life of the equipment.

Soft starts are pretty simple devices, you need to consider a number of factors when selecting on. See this datasheet for more information.

We are also experts on other forms of electric motor control:

If you need speed control we have a variety of variable frequency drives, inverters, that range from simple speed controllers to advanced, fully programmable drives that include soft starting, dc braking and a host of other functions.

DC drives are also availble, to run DC motors from a single or three phase supply. The most basic units simply provide analogue speed control in one direction, the more advanced units are available in either digital or analogue and have control in both directions in addition to regenerative braking.

We also design and build DC braking units that are ideal for bringing woodworking machine inline with PUWER 98 health and safety regulations. We build our braking units with DOL starters, star/delta starters or as devices to integrate into your existing control set up.

It's not just motor controllers; we have a wide stock of electric motors, single phase, three phase, hazardous area/explosion proof/EEx-d, and geared motors.

In addition we supply and accesories you may need with any of these units, chokes/reactors, power supplies, keypads, RFI filters, etc.